Our goal is simple yet profound:

Illuminate the positive impact our program has on fathers and their lives, one transformation story at a time.

Welcome to a realm where fathers become heroes - The DAD HERO Program, an avenue for sharing tales of metamorphosis, resilience, and empowerment sparked by The ZEN DAD Method.

People will notice you change!

Would it be crazy to help them receive the same level of support and evolution you did?

Be a HERO in someone's life

in their families lives!

We'll Help You, Help Others !

The Journey Begins with a base commission rate of 10% for each sale, giving you the wings to embark on this courageous adventure.

Earn commission for The ZEN DAD Method programs:

The Fundamentals Course & The North Star Packages.

But wait, there's more!

With each milestone - your commission SOARS!

Milestone 1

Illuminate Your Voice


Leave a 5-star Google Review and craft a heartfelt Video Testimonial.
(we can help with this)

Share your journey, and watch your commission rise to 15%

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Send Video Testimonial to:

[email protected]

Milestone 2
Share Your Insights


Provide Video Feedback on the Course.

Engage in a chat with Jay, our guide on this heroic journey.

Your commission surges to 20%

Book a chat with Jay to record or discuss:

Milestone 3
Magnify Your Impact


Be Responsible for Five Sales.

Your unique affiliate link becomes a beacon, leading five others on their transformative journey.

Your commission ascends to the pinnacle of 25%

25% is the MAX level!

"You didn't come this far,

to only come this far"

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