The ZEN DAD Team

Jay ZEN Kalryzian

Father - CEO & Client

Hello there, my name is Jay “Zen” Kalryzian,

I am excited to introduce myself as the CEO and Client of The ZEN DAD Method.

What that means exactly is, I might run show around here, but I know how valuable having a Zen Dad Coach is.

To be totally transparent, I have been through the parenting meat grinder! I was a stay at home dad for over 7 years.

All the diapers, late nights, screaming kids, and sleep deprived - with absolutely no appreciation. I did it all - from groceries and cooking to laundry (all clothes diapers - for both kids!) And then, after all the really nitty gritty stuff was done - my partner and I separated.


That’s the sound of me hitting rock bottom!

I had no job - single dad - 2 small kids, and my wife left.

The story would break your heart - It was honestly Rock Star level messed up!

But I’ll save it for another time.

The road ahead was tough - REALLY TOUGH.

I needed help.

And I found Rodger.

He LITERALLY saved my life.

I got low. The lowest I’ve ever been in my life. But I wanted to be there for my kids. I wanted to turn this all around and be the man I knew I could be. And I did! With some great support.

I have actually found that fatherhood does not get easier - YOU JUST GET BETTER!

It’s never ending! You always have new challenges, something always happens that you don’t expect. Who is out there, that specializes in helping fathers handle all the ups and downs?

If you’re into business - you get a business coach. If you’re into sports - you have a sports coach. I was a good dad - I wanted to be even better! I found a coach. A coach that understood my struggles. Now we work together to help other dads.

I have always been super passionate about intentional parenting. I love being with my kids! How could I create something that made me a better father, helped others and made the world a better place. After a lot of blood sweat and tears - The ZEN DAD Method was born! It’s like my 3rd child.

Now my days are spent helping good dads - be GREAT DADS! The ZEN DAD Method was made for good dads, that’s why you’re reading this right now - YOU’RE A GOOD DAD! And I want you to know - there’s a lot of history that got me here.

Here’s a little bit about me and my background. Starting in my 20’s I taught English overseas to kids. I worked with kids in Canada teaching leadership and team building with the YMAC. Plus, my 7 years as a stay-at-home parent has given me some pretty amazing hands-on experience. But I'm not just relying on my own experiences here. I've trained with some of the best coaches and organizations in the world.

I have decades of personal development. From studying for 9 years under David Donnelly founder of Qicology Canada. To developing many practices including Reiki, yoga, Kung Fu, and Muay Thai.

In 2019, I trained with WIM HOF in the Pyrenees mountains in Spain.Daily ice baths and mountain climbing for a week! And have continued to train with cold exposure for over 5 years consistently.

In 2022, I completed Zero to Dangerous with The Flow Research Collective. The Global Leaders in Peak Performance Research & Training.

After completing ZTD ( Zero to Dangerous) I created and host the Zen Parenting Pod within the Flow Research Collective. This group has the most amazing high performing parents from all around the world. A wealth of knowledge and inspiration!

I am also Breathwork Facilitator, hosting 3 hour long sessions for deep healing and transformative work. Zen Breath sessions have been coined “sober psychedelics” for its intense experience without all the negative side effects.

I have trained and been mentored by the best in the world.

Speaking has played a part in my journey. I am an award winning speaker, covering the topics of fatherhood and sharing my stories to inspire and educate.

All of this rolled up to say - I just want to be a great father.

And what I have found most beneficial in parenthood is: the FUN!

I believe that a sense of humor and a playful attitude are essential ingredients for a happy family life. And honestly, the laughter of my children is the most beautiful sound in the universe to me.

Intentional parenting can be enjoyable.

It's about having clarity with our choices and actions as parents, and focusing on the things that matter most. By doing so, we can create a more harmonious and fulfilling family life for ourselves and our kids.

So, whether you're a seasoned dad or a rookie just starting out, I invite you to join me on this journey.

Together, we can elevate our parenting game and create a brighter future for our families.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to connect with me to share some dad jokes or parenting insights!

Jay Zen Kalryzian


Head Zen Dad Coach

Meet Rodger Ruge, the esteemed head coach at The ZEN DAD Method, bringing a wealth of experience and a unique perspective from a lifetime of training, teaching and coaching.

Rodger served for 20 years in law enforcement and then triumphed over the challenges of complex post-traumatic stress disorder - CPTSD.

As a retired police officer, Rodger has 30 years of mindfulness and resilience practice, training, and coaching and it all comes together to form a coaching program like no other.

Rodger's journey includes participating in the prestigious California Peace Officer Standards and Training Master Instructor Certification Program (MICC), where he immersed himself in designing and presenting professional training.

His expertise extends to developing a comprehensive 24-hour law enforcement training program on wellness, emphasizing nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and resilience. Rodger's impact has reached tens of thousands of emergency services personnel and civilian support staff across North America.

His commitment to continuous learning is evident in his extensive self-study since 1993, engaging with doctors, monks, monastics, martial arts and chi gong masters, and Native American shamans.

This dedication allows Rodger to integrate traditional and alternative resilience practices, offering his clients the very best wisdom teachings have to offer.

Rodger is not only a seasoned practitioner but also a published author, showcasing his insights in books like "The Warrior's Mantra" and co-authoring works like "Navigating Adversity" and "Keeping it all Together."

His commitment to providing the best coaching experience is reflected in his extensive knowledge, diverse skill set, and a profound understanding of the challenges faced by his clients.

For fathers seeking coaching at The ZEN DAD Method, working with Rodger promises a transformative experience. Drawing from his rich background, he guides clients to achieve their grandest visions of who and what they wish to become.

Rodger's coaching goes beyond traditional methods, incorporating mindfulness, resilience, and wellness principles to empower dads on their parenting journey.

To work with Rodger, click below and book a call.

Wellness Expert & Trainer

  • Certified Personal Trainer for Law Enforcement (CooperInstitute)

  • Certified Stress Management Trainer, Coach, Consultant (Stress Education Center and Masters of The Journey)

  • Subtle Energy Practices

  • Senior Mentor (Pathfinder Resilience, Navigating Adversity)

Master Instructor

California Peace Officer Standards and Training Master Instructor Certification

Program development for wellness regarding nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and resiliency.

First Responder

  • Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice - Sacramento StateUniversity

  • Police Officer and Detective: Cities of San Rafael & Santa Rosa

  • Special Weapons And Response Team (S.W.A.T.)

  • Neighborhood Enforcement Team (N.E.T.) - Narcotics, Prostitution, Gang Enforcement

  • Accident Investigations

  • Perishable Skills Facilitator

  • Lead Fitness Instructor for Santa Rosa Police Academy

  • Training Manager

Tom Sabido

Zen Dad Coach

Embark on a transformative journey with Tom Sabido, your trusted guide through the exhilarating and sometimes daunting adventure of fatherhood. Tom brings a unique blend of expertise and life experiences that position him as your indispensable companion on the path to mastering the art of modern fatherhood.

Tom has 4 sons of his own and has been a foster parent to 17 children - yes I said 17, that’s not a typo.

His knowledge and life experience with children is at a level - very few will ever reach.

Tom Sabido, is a multifaceted individual with a wealth of skills and a passion for empowering dads. Tom's journey is a testament to his commitment to creating a nurturing and supportive environment for fathers seeking to navigate the challenges of today's world.

Tom's educational background includes being a formerly licensed Chiropractor. His holistic approach to well-being aligns seamlessly with The ZEN DAD Method's philosophy. With a Masters degree in Psychology, specializing in Organizational Development and a Systems approach to learning, Tom offers a unique perspective that transcends traditional coaching.

Having served as a trained and experienced Police Hostage Negotiator for over 25 years, Tom brings unparalleled expertise in handling high-stakes situations. His six-year tenure as a Mental Health Liaison Officer demonstrates his commitment to understanding the intricacies of human behaviour, adding a valuable layer to The ZEN DAD Method’s coaching approach.

As a member of the North Bay Incident Management Team, Tom has faced large-scale wildfires and natural disasters head-on. His ability to remain calm under pressure and navigate through chaos provides a unique skill set that enhances the comprehensive support for fathers.

Beyond his professional life, Tom is an avid adventurer who embraces human-powered experiences on foot, bicycle, and in the water. From completing challenging swims like "Swim the Gate" under the Golden Gate Bridge to participating in the Trans-Tahoe relay, Tom's adventurous spirit mirrors the courage and resilience he instills in the fathers he coaches.

In 2022, Tom, along with his wife Barbara, co-founded [ap]ParentLove, a nonprofit dedicated to providing love and support to the LGBTQ+ community in the San Francisco Bay area. Their commitment to fostering inclusive and supportive environments extends beyond the coaching realm, reflecting Tom's dedication to creating positive change.

Tom Sabido's journey is a testament to the belief that small steps lead to big adventures, and he is here to guide you on your transformative fatherhood journey. Join Tom and The ZEN DAD Method to discover the strength within and embrace the joy of modern fatherhood.

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